Company Profile:

Esteem Business Limited is an incorporated company since 2002, with its registered office at Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The Company is engaged with wide range of activities which comprises of following fields:

• Textile Machinery sourcing and consulting the turn key project of textile Industry from China & India.
• Sourcing and Indenting house for polyester yarn and cotton yarn for textile Industry from China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia.
• Working as a sales agent of Industrial Bakery ingredients from France & UE Countries.
• Working as a sales agent of textile chemicals and all sort of silicon in the process of finishing and cooling agent from India & China.
• Marketing of Agro based chemicals for plant application.

Annual overview of Esteem Business Limited:

• Esteem Business Limited has annual sales projection of 1 million Euro in Industrial Bakery Ingredients.
• In textile we have an annual sales turn-over of US 1 million dollar.
• In yarn & Silicone oil business the company has annual sales turnover US 1.5 million dollar.
• In 2019-2020 The Esteem Business Ltd is sales forecasting total US 5 million dollar.

The strength of Esteem Business Ltd is the motivated entrepreneurship management which helps the company to flourish efficiently and effectively.